The Green drawing index

You want to help build up a new green world?

In 10 points you can draw your personal economical architecture!

See the plot as your drawing table. In the middle is enough space for your project. All round it are different elements which you can use. Every element has it's own value. Try to use non comprehensible elements with the same amount as the comprehensible elements. Get as many points as possible and avoid elements that have only a few points. While you are drawing you maybe develop a new element which you can place in one of the empty squares. When you get 1500 points you will earn an promotion to realize your project.

Plant a tree

Use not to much lines because it will make your tree too complex and a one-line tree have the same effect as a 600-lines tree.

Draw a sun

Make sure it is big enough and it is clear what it is producing.

choose a ground

Try not to dissipate fruitful land.

Build the environment

Light and atmosphere are always and everywhere around us. It is very important to be clear with your surrounding.

define your living and working situation

Maybe you need only a bed and a roof.

Draw your climate

Rain, wind and temperature affects your clothing in the same way as your project.

define your public connection

For communication and commutation with other people you need different elements that work together at specific speed.

choose an energy supply

The use of fossil fuels is the worst element counted with zero points. Only nuclear heat and regenerative energy sources are able to provide you with some points.

Mix all the different programs with the neutral elements

When you stuck use a joker and plant another tree

Stefan Wagner,